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Explore the Green River watershed!

Wondering where you sit in this special place, or what special features are around?

Use the interactive map below to explore the unique ecological, geological, and cultural features within the Green River watershed.

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Green River Information

The conservation and restoration of watersheds can be tricky, since there are so many factors to consider and many things that affect a watershed. One can imagine it takes a lot of planning.


Luckily, in Vermont there are plenty of resources available that help with planning conservation initiatives. The links below will point you to the tools professional planners and stream scientists at the State and local levels use to conduct watershed conservation. Thankfully, these documents are filled with tons of interesting information, and can be useful to anyone interested.

If you would like to learn more about the Green River and its watershed, please visit these resources:

Green River I-Naturalist Watershed Project Area

I-Naturalist is a place for scientists of all levels to share sightings in the natural world. Any observations that are posted to I-Naturalist that are located within the Green River Watershed are automatically added to the Green River Watershed Project Area. Several local folks have been posting observations of things they are finding, so there’s a nice collection of photos, species and location information.


Deerfield Tactical Basin Plan

Tactical Basin Plans are developed by the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and look at broad scale initiatives to identify water quality projects. These plans show which initiatives the State is currently focusing on, and contain lots of information about the region. Tactical Basin 12/13, which covers the Green River, was recently updated in 2019.

Green River Corridor Plan

River Corridor Plans are developed at a more local level than Tactical Basin Plans. These plans look at each "reach," or length of river, and identify the characteristics. This plan has large amounts of information about the Green River from ecological importance to historical significance, and identifies projects that could aid in improving its water quality.

ANR Atlas

An interactive browser enabled tool containing a variety of map data for Vermont! Using this tool will better help you to understand your place in the watershed, and aid in your private land conservation efforts. Maps made with the Atlas are also printable, and can be used to get specific measurements.



Much like the Atlas, Biofinder contains loads of information in the form of map data except this program focuses specifically on ecology, wildlife, and habitat. Learn more about what makes the Green River Watershed a special, and important place for our wild neighbors.

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