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Our Mission

The Green River Watershed Alliance (GRWA) is a community-led voice for the stewardship and protection of the River and its surrounding landscape. We unite the towns within the watershed to proactively reduce the impacts of flooding, support healthy ecosystems, and increase the overall awareness and appreciation of the River and its watershed.

Our Work

The GRWA's work is currently being funded as part of the Watershed Resilience program of the High Meadows Fund, an initiative that intends to, "encourage communities to work together to protect people, farms, homes, roads, and water quality, not just in their own town, but also upstream and downstream."

Our work plan includes:

1) preparing, hosting, and facilitating public events that enable community members to learn more about their watershed (see our Events page for upcoming programs), 

2) studying the natural resources of the watershed so as to be used by the Towns and landowners for better stewardship and natural resources planning, and

3) providing our communities with resources to support flood resilience, habitat conservation, and community
engagement efforts.

Our Partners

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